Jan 2, 2013 / 6 notes
christianjcote said: Same reason I made mine, to be honest. SAY, IT’S JANUARY AND THERE’S NO PRINT SHOP YET. HMMM.
I’m talking to a printer down the street about a little book I’m planning on doing, and I’ll probably be doing some prints there as well. That said, I have no idea what people would like to hang on their walls. Any help is appreciated.
  1. christianjcote said: Oh, well, since I’ve only got 250 characters: Psychographer, Motorpsycho, anything Thermidor, Valkyrie, your OCB posters, that blue two-page spread from Prophet (you know which),Polygun (helmeted woman), Aptera cover, any concept art, Xenomorphs!
  2. indigobugs said: A poster of your piece called Psychographer would be pretty cool.
  3. stewartcook said: I’m sorry, where do we start lining up for this smorgasbord of Giannis goodness?
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