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alicemonstrinho said: I just created a tumblr because I gotta say your art gave me such a blast! It's been a long time since this happened to me, but I got really inspired by looking at all your drawings and fanarts, most of them from games and movies that I also love. I really like how you create simple shapes but with lots of detail on shading and light with your ink outlines, and I was wondering if you use the same pens for both outlines and shadows. Thank you so much for inspiring me and have a great day!

Hey, thanks! I generally use one kind of pen on a drawing, usually because I can’t be bothered to look up and get something else. Most of the sketchy stuff on here is done with microns, and the finished ones are either that tachikawa school pen or a maru nib. And welcome to tumblr, have a happy new year!

  1. christianjcote said: Same reason I made mine, to be honest. SAY, IT’S JANUARY AND THERE’S NO PRINT SHOP YET. HMMM.
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