Dec 28, 2012 / 7 notes
  1. wholewheattoast said: I’ve had two of those pens and never gotten them to flow correctly. What’s your trick?

This pen is a harsh mistress. I was pretty sure I’d end up throwing it out the window before I eventually got it to somewhat work for me. I always store it top-down to keep the ink towards the tip, which helps with the flow. I’ve found the only paper this pen really likes is smooth bristol, and even then I need to wipe off the tip every now and then because it clogs up with dust/paper/who knows what. But that said, it gets a really nice thin line and a tiny bit of variation, is refillable and totally portable. The only alternative I have to this pen are tiny microns (I draw kind of small) and the tips on those tend to get destroyed too fast for me.

  1. sharkskinsuit said: I have refilled the cartridges of one of these pens with Platinum Carbon Ink, seems to be a bit better flowing. Not sure about the long run but seems a bit better than the ink in the cartridges.
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