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alchemichael said: Hey man! I'm pumped that you are fallowing me. Your work is impressive. Love prophet and old city blues 2 is sitting next to my drawing table with some other choice books. Stay cool.

Hey, thanks! Really appreciate it. Your stuff is really cool! Have a nice day.

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scribblehatch said: Hey. Why are you so cool?

Because of all my super amazing

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Anonymous said: any lore around the abrams type?

Hey, it’s cool to see someone paying attention to this stuff!

I have a work in progress OCB database special issue I’ve been meaning to do for months. I hope I can get it done soon, and it would talk a bit about those kind of background world things.

Dear treasured OCB readers, meet your new protagonist
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Dear treasured OCB readers, meet your new protagonist

Killer colors on P45 by sayunclecomics
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Killer colors on P45 by sayunclecomics

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humanparabol said: That Tidus is first-class, final fantasy fan eh?

Yeah, I dig final fantasy but I’m not sure if I can deal with Tidus (still early in the game though). And thanks dude! 

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comichistorian said: Hi Giannis, Is there anyway to purchase some of your work either from Old City Blues or Prophet? I really enjoy your work and would love to display it. Thanks, Nathan

Hi! Thanks for asking. I need to be much better when it comes to originals. I’ve been asked by a few people who I’ve left hanging and I feel bad about it.

I’ll try to set up things very soon and post about it here. Thanks for the message — and the kind words!

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Anonymous said: damn giannis, your drawing beeing so cute and all. damn.

Thanks motivational Anon dude, you’re the best

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erykdonovan said: are you still on twitter?

For better or worse, yeah!

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What did I do now?? (╯•﹏•╰)

Now back to “writing”
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Now back to “writing”

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Anonymous said: Hi giannis, I was just wondering whose going to be coloring your issues of ultimates?

I don’t know if it’s OK to say (I’ll check). It’s someone extremely cool though. I’ve wanted to work with them for a while!

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Anonymous said: How much is the Fish ?

I got nothin