artbuutt: Hey man are you gonna be at ECCC with brandon graham and the prophet bros because holy crap that would be awesome, and if you are will you be there friday

Hey, unfortunately I won’t be there, which sucks. I’m really hoping to get to a US con sometime soon and meeting people — and the rest of the Prophet crew, too.

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itsgreenman: Wow reading your stuff takes me all the way back to ghost in the shell and Appleseed. Old City Blues is a damn fine series that captures the feeling so well. I miss the old Shirow stuff now thanks to you.

Hey, that’s really cool to hear — thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked the stuff!

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squatteam1: So, I just noticed that Boom's website has OCB Vol.2 listed as a hardcover. Please tell me this is true!

I think it’s actually been listed as hardcover since before it came out — so I’m guessing it was just a little error. Sorry!

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hugomorrison: you're a major inspiration! love the moebius stuff and all the cool car stuff you do. any good sci-fi anime recommendations? i've never really gotten into much but the images on your page are amazing. thanks giannis!

Hey, thanks for the kind words — I appreciate it!

If you google sci-fi anime you should probably come up with a lot of well-known stuff. Some of the things I like that don’t get mentioned often — Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, MD Geist, anything by Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Eve no Jikan, Kurau Phantom Memory, Bounty Dog, Serial Experiments Lain, AD Police, Virus Buster Serge

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