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12-frames said: Looks cool! Shouldn’t the gun/hand be much bigger, like so:31.media.tumblr.com/872… (obviously depends on the “lens” and how wide angle it is)

Yeah, it would depend on focal length/depth of field I guess. That would have been a good way to do it also! It would’ve been an entirely different shot, though. I should play around with it more.

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final—boss said: what program did you use for this? Also kudos to you for being such a prolific artist! You are a true inspiration

Hey, I did that in Sketchup to figure out how it works. It’s really easy and fun to use!

(and thanks — that’s a huge compliment. I really appreciate it.)

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Anonymous: Specific question, but you seem like the artist to ask. I like micron style pens, but they fade when I'm erasing pencil marks. Do you have pens that don't do this?

I think most pens tend to fade a bit. I’ve switched to mostly calligraphy ink for inking and it’s pretty good about not fading. Ink lines that aren’t perfectly black never were a real problem since I file away pages after scanning and never look at them again.

I used to get messed up inks a lot back when I leaned too hard on the eraser — maybe you can get better results by going over gently with the eraser a few times. Erasing this way instead of rubbing the drawings like a madman also helped with hand pain.

Sorry for not being helpful. If anybody’s got a good eraser-resistant pen to recommend, feel free to reply?

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Anonymous: The women you draw are super sexy.

(ॢ˘⌣˘ ॢ⑅)

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