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This is apparently out next weeeek

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Anonymous said: What type of pen/pencil are you using?

I switched to faber-castell 0.5 B leads a while ago and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been penciling. (I still prefer just drawing straight in ink but I’m nowhere near drawing comics straight to ink. These days my favorite ink sketching pen is a zebra fude pen).

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Since all my fanart has been x-men lately, here’s Sokaku and one of his friends

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Anonymous said: If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take you to really come into your own style where you felt "okay I found my niche" & how long did that take practice wise?

Conglomerating the things you like (or dislike) into your “own thing” is more of a practice thing than a time thing, at least it was for me. I think I drew easily over 100 pages where I was trying to figure out how to hold a pencil, how to draw inside little boxes, etc. I started seriously drawing in like 2006 or so, if that helps (and it’s always an ongoing thing, being yourself). But I think it’s more of a page volume thing than anything else. And don’t forget to have fun with it, too.

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baronbattle said: Hey man. I really love OCB, and can't wait to see more! I'm not sure if you've got this question, but what are the odds of reprints of the first volume, being the same size as the second? I love the HC, but I'm just wondering if that was an option at all.

Hey, thanks for the kind words! I’ll have to take this up to Boom/Archaia and see what they’ve got in mind. The book seems to be sold out at a lot of online places (though I’m really sure there’s plenty of copies sitting at comics stores, etc). I don’t even know if it’s out of print yet — and I doubt there’ll be a reprint before that happens. I wouldn’t hold my breath for it anytime soon, just so you know!

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ailiskingdom said: Just wanted to say your work is amazing. Really love your style

Hey, thank you very much! Have a nice day/week. Thanks for the message!

moving on now
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moving on now

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I sure am milking this page
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I sure am milking this page

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