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spaceleech said: They don't get the same kinda recognition that Quitely, Byrne, or Sienkiewicz get, but I think Bengus and Capcom did some great things with X-Men/Marvel characters.

Yeah, I love those Bengus X-Men. Imagine a Bengus-drawn X-men arc! I think for me personally, the Capcom games and aesthetic had a huge impact on my view of X-Men/Marvel back then, too. Everything was so cool

I wanted to color this but my Wacom Co., Ltd. (株式会社ワコム) digitizer™ decided it’s on summer break
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I wanted to color this but my Wacom Co., Ltd. (株式会社ワコム) digitizer™ decided it’s on summer break

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jacobshapiro said: DC was able to turn the old Batman TV show into an awesome comic, which got me thinking… shouldn't Marvel make a Supaidāman comic?! Of course, with Spidey in a mech and your newfound Marvel career, you should be doing the art.

Haha, I think it’d be pretty hard to follow up on the crazy Ikegami manga. That would be a fun read, though. (And Marvel career? I’m just doing fill ins!) Thanks!

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While we are still in the process of shipping out kickstarter incentives and contributor comp copies of the kaBOOMbox Vol.1 anthology, we were able to have a few on hand with us at Heroes Con a few weekends back. George Marston from picked one up and was kind enough to review it. Here’s what he had to say.

"KaBOOMbox, Vol. 1 (Published by Brand New Nostalgia; Review by George Marston; ‘Rama Rating: 10 out of 10): In a way, it’s hard to review a book like KaBOOMbox Vol. 1. It’s not really a story, or a collection of stories, so much as a yearbook of some of the indie comics world’s brightest up and comers. With contributions from too many amazing creators to name them all, KaBOOMbox is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to break out of the mainstream scene. Typically excellent pieces from names like Tradd Moore, Toby Cypress and Ming Doyle anchor bigger surprises from Andrew MacLean, Joe Querio, and Jorge Coelho, and even that is only scratching the surface. With not a dud in almost 100 pages, KaBOOMbox, Vol. 1 is a perfect window into the zeitgeist of a burgeoning corner of the indie publishing scene.” (link)

A lot of love and hard work went into that book, so I’m glad it shows through. And as soon as we can get the books into the hands of all the people who helped make it (Hold tight, folks. They’re coming.), we’ll be offering copies for sale in the OOSA Store

Stay tuned!

Well, that’s flattering…

introducing giannisworld™®©
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introducing giannisworld®©

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shoujostrip said: Hi, just wanted to say I really love your artwork and was wondering if I could ask you a question? (btw, that wasn't the question). I was wondering what kind of brand do you use for your nibs? I've been experimenting with a few and I can tell when I have a Zebra G-nib, but what's the difference between Tachikawa and Nikko? Same goes for Maru pens. O_o Which do you think are better (or which ones do you prefer)? Is one preferred over others among professionals? btw, can't wait for your Spiderman.

Hey! As you noted in your other message, I use Zebra G-nibs and Tachikawa maru ones. To be honest, it’s mostly just what you feel best using. Some of them are softer to use/not as stiff. I like the ones I use cuz they just work for me, but it’s always a good idea to get a sampler or something and just try out a few different makes. I’m pretty sure everybody just uses what they feel like!

And thanks!

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ashluscombe said: Hey Giannis, how're you doing? I have two questions for you. What techniques or exercises can you recommend for improving control and flow with nib pens? And the second is what sort of settings do you use when scanning or importing your work to try and get the best possible finish and line clarity? Cheers, Ash.

Hi, Ash! Interesting questions.

I only ever started understanding nibs once I just jumped in and started drawing some comics with one, sort of swim or sink. I could never get how to make a line with them and even though I’d spend a lot of time drawing lines and circles and hatching, it only clicked when I used it on comics. I still don’t use it well at all, but it feels a lot more natural to me now. When using a new tool, we’re always kinda self-conscious about it being hard to use and different and new. So for me, it helps when I just use the tool as a tool, as a means to an end, and not as a Thing in itself. I drew a lot of shit pages (plenty of which I actually turned in for things) but at the end I found I’d grown comfortable with a new tool. Extremely long-winded, but closer to what I’m thinking than “Just draw circles dude!!” Also, if you’re having flow problems, make sure your ink isn’t too thick (add some water) and that you’ve burned/rubbed the grease from your nibs (if they’re new).

As for scanning/cleaning/formatting, etc. I’m the worst when it comes to this stuff. I have absolutely no idea. I scan everything at 400dpi unless someone asks for larger specifically. I generally don’t sharpen and just scan as grayscale, then Brightness/Contrast the scan to where I’m happy with it. I’m sure someone who knows better can reply to this and help you out with scanning things!


From Prophet issue 45. Last issue!

JB3 you guys ⁺✧.(˃̶ ॣ⌣ ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ⁾
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From Prophet issue 45. Last issue!

JB3 you guys ⁺✧.(˃̶ ॣ⌣ ॣ˂̶∗̀)ɞ⁾