naptuning said: Hell yeah! Hosono’s badass. Got into his work first through a project he did with Bill Laswell in the nineties: N.D.E.. However, since then I dig him from the Y.M.O. perspective even more; the eighties are a gold mine in all ways. S-F-X is killer.

Yeah, NDE was really great, too. As an aside, the Hosono-curated Appleseed Ex Machina ost was fun too — Hasymo, Wagdug, Takamasa, Hosono with Cornelius — really cool stuff.

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metal-rear-solid: Funny the people who mention mobeus are obviously unaware of your masamune shirow influence. Your sketches and the fact there are a lot of police in ur comics, it reminds me of ghost in the shell manga before stand alone complex. Your gradient in the back drops remind me of appleseed vol 3 and 4

I also stole a shit ton of stuff from Tony Takezaki and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko when it comes to drawing basics, but no one ever mentions those either. 

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wuzidan: Have you read RideBack by Kasahara Tetsuro before?

Yeah, I love that guy’s art.

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