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tari101190 said: Are these new pages all OCB stuff?

Hey! Nope nope, it’s another thing

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kaboomanator said: What things/ sources do you use as references the most often?

Hey hey! Do you mean as reference for reference to draw from, or to steal(inspiration) from?

I have an inspiration blog where I post/reblog things that get me pumped and remind me about why I like all this stuff, etc

I have a few things that are my go-to for “feeling”/atmosphere inspiration. Ridge Racer Type 4, MGS1, FFVIII, any Chiaki J. Konaka anime, The sprawl trilogy, Zeiram, YMO, Luna Sea, the Mad Max 2/Escape from NY/Waterworld holy trinity etc and so on!

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Anonymous said: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn dude. that cover brandon just posted is really impressive. your work is so great.

Hey thanks, kind Anon! I had lots of fun with that one. I miss drawing that dude.

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I like how Buck-Tick literally invent the Solid Eye eyepatch camera in this concert. 

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mino-art said: is that a machinen kreiger figure?
humanparabol said: Oh my god mech on the left where do i get one??

Hey! Yes, it’s the new Seapig Ma.K model kit. I got mine from hobbylinkjapan. 

(everyone’s a critic)
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(everyone’s a critic)


Giannis’s Prophet Earth War #2 cover. 
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Giannis’s Prophet Earth War #2 cover. 

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I feel pretty calm and happy for a monday evening … this is good

On a completely unrelated note, Lullaby of Resembool from the FMAB soundtrack is playing and it makes me feel really nice. Another album I’ve been playing for most of these last two weeks is milonogiannis's Slow Rock. It's so calming and swirly. It's like the embodiment of my late night bike rides home from uni. Ahhhhhhhh

Hey, it’s always so fun and unexpected when someone says something nice about the music stuff. Thanks, glad you dig it! Here it is if you don’t know what we’re talking about:

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Anonymous said: Hey was actually really excited to hear you were going to be doing to issues of Ultimates. I love both Fiffe's self published work and your stuff, so even though I never ended up buying an issue of it on Fiffe's name alone I'm eagerly waiting to see what you guys did as a collaborative effort. Also did you check out any of his self published work before working on the Ultimates?

Hey, thanks, I hope you’ll like it! And yeah, I really dug Copra before Michel and I knew each other. I first found out about his work from the Savage Dragon funnies book Paul Maybury paulmaybury and I had a story in (Michel was putting that book together). Thanks again, and let us know what you think when the issue’s out.

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Anonymous said: I want to support Giannis but I hate Marvel. What do I do about his upcoming issues of All-New Ultimates?


I bought the Stokoe Avengers when it came out. and I certainly don’t want to tell anyone what they should spend their money on.  Giannis always does fun comics, I’m sure it’ll be great. (also I’m sure it’ll be chocked full of garbage ads)

Marvel as a giant shitty branch of a larger shitty company will not bend on the sales of a couple of comic books. For me it’s more about putting less value on these places with gross history. 

But also, if you prefer to not put your hard earned ducats in their pockets you can just bootleg the thing and buy the next book of his own Giannis does. 

 I know guys like Giannis and Stokoe have a ton of stories of their own to tell and I do love that we’re in a time where them working at some corporate company is more of a one off and not their whole careers. The future is bright like that. 

So yeah, fuck the Po-lice, fuck corporate comics, fuck that weak shit— 

(& look here’s an Otomo drawing)

Comics you’re the best. 

Oh nice, I hadn’t seen this! It’s really flattering when people pick up something just because your name’s on it, but I definitely wouldn’t hold it against anyone who’d rather not get it.

I expect people who follow my work will make their own conscious choices, just like I make my choices of what to work on.

And yes, I’m hoping there’ll be something of my own out soon that you can unconditionally enjoy and I could force you to buy (。◝‿◜。)

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