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Anonymous said: How much is the Fish ?

I got nothin

[and ultimates 8 is done]
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[and ultimates 8 is done]

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baronbattle said: Just curious...I'm getting started on my own comic, and I was just wondering if, when working on OCB, do you write descriptions of the layouts in the scrip first? Or do you do draw the layouts first, then write accordingly?

Generally I write and work from mockup-issue layouts (sort of like the japanese “Name” thing). It makes more sense for me to “write” in comics form since I’ll be drawing it myself.

Also it can be helpful to write beats, too — like breaking down your issue in pages and going from there, instead of writing out each specific panel.

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Anonymous said: I want to buy "Old City Blues", but I want the money to go to you, not some random person on eBay. Is there any way to do that?

Hey, thanks for wanting to buy OCB! The first volume does seem to be out of stock in a lot of places (Amazon, etc?). I’ll check and see why that is.

I’d offer to send you a copy, but I’m all out myself. (Maybe if someone works at a comics shop sees this and they have a copy could set you up?)

But I’m ok if you want to get it asap off ebay.

warm-down robo
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warm-down robo

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Here’s Luna Sea at the top of their trenchcoat game.

And yes it’s deadline week

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tari101190 said: Hi, I'm working with some artists on a comic pitch. I wanted to know which specific pages of work you showed to Archaia for your initial pitch? Seeing your treatment & cover letter may help too. Thank you.

I might have to dig around to find the actual pitch, but I think I just showed them the first 20 or so pages of OCB. (I’ll share it if I can find it.) My cover letter is just my contact details.

It needs to be said, I’m the worst at pitching or even just talking about my ideas. I always feel like I’m telling hopeful lies: “here’s what I’d like you to let me do, even though I know it’s going to be totally different in the end!”

Just make sure you don’t go into too much detail with your synopses and outlines, etc. Let the art do the speaking, and just give enough info for people to go on after that.

(I’m no good at this)

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