inkcoveredhands: Hey man! I cant find you on Soc6 have you stopped selling prints?

Hey! I took the store down since it wasn’t really doing anything and I didn’t really like how impersonal it was. I’d rather do some prints on my own and mail them to people signed and sketched, etc.

Many thanks to whoever bought something on there — I’ll try to get something better set up.

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Anonymous: just wanted to say I love your art and that it inspires me a lot :3

Hey, thank you. That’s very nice, I really appreciate it.

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kirstivitea: Mind if I ask the silly question of where you get your books printed?

Hey! I really have no idea — Archaia/Boom handle all that. As far as I know, the second book was printed in China.

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kuro-kamikaze: I just got OCB because your style reminds me of early '80's cyberpunk manga( only medium to do the genre next to gibsons novels). I wish i grew up with dudes like you and Brandon Ghram around. There wasnt a lot of kids to watch Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, Black Magic m66/Appleseed with as an 8/9/10 yr old in the late '80's. Do you remember your first tast of anime that wasnt on tv? Mine was BGC rented from blockbuster video on vhs in '88-'89.

Hey man, yeah that old manga stuff is the best. I remember being a kid and renting a greek dubbed tape of Techno Police 21C again and again. Don’t know if that was the first one I saw, but it was probably very close!

And thanks for getting OCB!

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