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Anonymous: Not a question mate but I found your blog through your "hyper light drifter" fan art. Just wanted to say I think your art is amazing and I can definitely respect the influences of ghost in the shell and metal gear (Shinkawa and Shirow are beasts!) etc etc You've inspired me to pick up a pen and start with the basics again, in the hope that someday I will be even a fraction as talented as yourself. Keep doing what you're doing!

Hey, thank you very much man — you’re too kind. Thanks for looking at this stuff and writing, I really appreciate it. (Drifter is looking more and more amazing all the time. Really excited for it.)

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fenominus said: Looks great. Out of curiosity, why are those two your goals right now?

Thanks — mostly it’s cause I’m bored with how my stuff looks, I guess. And using more black areas can help make pages easier to read, forms look more solid, clearer framing etc. Just something to keep in mind, and I never really do it.

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inkcoveredhands: Hey man! I cant find you on Soc6 have you stopped selling prints?

Hey! I took the store down since it wasn’t really doing anything and I didn’t really like how impersonal it was. I’d rather do some prints on my own and mail them to people signed and sketched, etc.

Many thanks to whoever bought something on there — I’ll try to get something better set up.

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Anonymous: just wanted to say I love your art and that it inspires me a lot :3

Hey, thank you. That’s very nice, I really appreciate it.

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kirstivitea: Mind if I ask the silly question of where you get your books printed?

Hey! I really have no idea — Archaia/Boom handle all that. As far as I know, the second book was printed in China.

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