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Anonymous said: hello. I hope you are doing well. (^_^ ) I just wanted to say, that I love your artwork and I get such a cool 90's manga sci-fi vibe from it (even though I was too young to appreciate 90's manga sci-fi at the time). I also wanted to say how much I love that you keep drawing traditionally. I tried it too, but it really kicked my butt. so I quit... I think. maybe. anyways, thank you for all your awesome art. btw, do you take art questions? (T.T )/

Hey, thanks for the message. I do love those 90’s comics very much, even though I also was really late discovering all those thing until 2003 or ‘04. Drawing traditionally can be weird until you find the tools you like, and even then it’s a good idea to use different tools (like using a brush can make you better with a micron, and so on). And saying you’ve quit is probably too extreme to say — you’ll probably come back to it eventually if it’s still on your mind! And if it’s something I can help with (I doubttittt), I’d be happy too, so feel free to shoot.

Have a nice day!

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the best
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the best

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ttyto-alba said: which font are you using for your comic? BTW, its looking fantastic.

Hey hey, thanks! I appreciate it. The font is Monologous by Comicraft

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narplebutts said: Do you accept commissions?

Hey, thanks for asking! Not right now, but maybe I’ll open up something later on! 

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Anonymous said: great stuff! makes me want to draw!

Yeah! Do it!

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trying to make new tones
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trying to make new tones

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Anonymous said: When you are completely stopped 'drawer's block' what do you do?

Hey hey! I don’t really like the term artblock/writer’s block/whatever, it’s an unnecessarily negative concept that only brings more stress into the picture. I prefer to think about it as “not-drawing” or just “i feel like poop”.

Not-drawing is part of drawing, stressing out is part of learning, like how you get growing pains when you’re a kid and your body is changing.

It’s a good idea to try to be self-conscious about it and realize you’re in a bad phase that’ll go away if you keep at it. It’s ok if you don’t draw for a while, just keep your tools close by and doodle when you feel like it. I personally find it helps to look at new things, movies by a director you don’t know, videogames you wouldn’t normally care about, music you previously might’ve thought was horrible. Be open to new stuff. Stare at the ceiling, WORK OUT (your body is great at giving you natural feel-good drugs that can work wonders for your drawing mood), listen to music, make a puzzle, talk to friends. Sometime’s you’ll have a deadline that might get you unstuck. You never now what it’ll be because it’s not an external factor that helps you, really, it’s just you and your brain. Not-drawing is a good thing, it’s a study phase, a chance to assess yourself and measure your work. If it takes a while, don’t stress out too much. Measure twice, cut once.

Drawing is a long-term relationship and it’ll have its ups and downs. It’s like holding your breath in — you need to exhale eventually, but the more you do it in a concentrated conscious way, the more you’ll be able to hold your breath eventually. Don’t stress it out! Breathe in, breathe out.

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ultracheese said: Hey, brother. I just wanted to drop a note and say how much I enjoy your work, both as a longtime fan of cyberpunk fiction and an author. I had a real problem with writer's block trying to get through my fourth book, and reading both volumes of Old City Blues really shook the blockage out of my system. I love it. Please keep it up! Looking forward to Old City Blues volume 3...

Hey, thanks for that, this is pretty huge for me to know. That’s really great! I’ve been on and off the same boat all this year so I can definitely relate, and it’s funny/interesting how you never know what’ll get you unstuck (for me now it’s goa trance which is just ridiculous but it works).

I’m gonna have to check out your books, definitely looks like the kind of thing I’d be into, too. Thanks for the message, much appreciated.

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ukelyon said: Hey don't listen to that last anon, man. Your roots show through, but you've definitely transformed them into your own thing. I'd recognize your work anywhere, no question.

Hey thanks, much appreciated. I regret replying to that cuz under other circumstances it could’ve been a legit conversation on stealing/copying/borrowing/inspiration/learning. Copying styles is a great exercise and I kinda wish more people would mess around with it.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و