connorsims: Hey Giannis! Is there anyplace we can donate for your new pdf? I feel like an a-hole not being able to give you money for it

Hey! Thanks so much for asking. I’d feel like an a-hole myself if I asked for people to donate or outright pay for a pdf-ized version of my dumb blog, though. It’s really flattering of you to ask, and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of chances for that soon. Thanks so much.

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Anonymous: Not a question mate but I found your blog through your "hyper light drifter" fan art. Just wanted to say I think your art is amazing and I can definitely respect the influences of ghost in the shell and metal gear (Shinkawa and Shirow are beasts!) etc etc You've inspired me to pick up a pen and start with the basics again, in the hope that someday I will be even a fraction as talented as yourself. Keep doing what you're doing!

Hey, thank you very much man — you’re too kind. Thanks for looking at this stuff and writing, I really appreciate it. (Drifter is looking more and more amazing all the time. Really excited for it.)

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fenominus said: Looks great. Out of curiosity, why are those two your goals right now?

Thanks — mostly it’s cause I’m bored with how my stuff looks, I guess. And using more black areas can help make pages easier to read, forms look more solid, clearer framing etc. Just something to keep in mind, and I never really do it.

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