All-New Ultimates #7 (Ultimate Marvel - August 2014)
Writer: Michel FiffeIllustrator: Giannis Milonogiannis
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All-New Ultimates #7 (Ultimate Marvel - August 2014)

Writer: Michel Fiffe
Illustrator: Giannis Milonogiannis

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99fiends said: How many issues of All-new Ultimates are you going to draw? Is a regular gig? Are you considering any other Marvel/Image/godforbidDC titles to work on? Or are you going to focus on your solo work?

Hey! (Sorry to repeat myself — I’m up to 9 and that’s my last ultimates issue). After that I think I need to get back to other things I’ve already agreed to and my own stuff. With the work for hire stuff, it’s not really my part to consider working on something, as those things are usually decided by editors. It would be cool to get to write and draw in a for-hire situation sometime (X-Meeen)

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Anonymous said: Hello! How many issues of Ultimates are you working on?

Hello! I’m inking issue 9 now, which is gonna be my last one.

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thebeverage said: you drawing new ultimates was a nice surprise. i'm excited to see your work on future issues.

Thanks Mr Beverage, I hope you’ll dig the issues. It’s been a fun ride!

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Anonymous said: Hey. That new Strikefile cover you did is really impressive. Old Man P's cape in that drawing reminded me of Akira's cape from the cover of AKIRA vol. 4. Um, yeah. I guess I don't really have a question...

Thank you, Anon. When I told Brandon what I wanted to do I mentioned wanting it to be sort of like an Akira+Conan throwback. I like Old Man P in a cape (I’m wondering why I never drew him in one)

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tari101190 said: Your Kirby-esque stuff looks perfect. Hopefully you get the chance do more giant robot space gods in the future.

Hey thank you! Yes, that sounds kinda perfect

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tari101190 said: Are these new pages all OCB stuff?

Hey! Nope nope, it’s another thing

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kaboomanator said: What things/ sources do you use as references the most often?

Hey hey! Do you mean as reference for reference to draw from, or to steal(inspiration) from?

I have an inspiration blog where I post/reblog things that get me pumped and remind me about why I like all this stuff, etc

I have a few things that are my go-to for “feeling”/atmosphere inspiration. Ridge Racer Type 4, MGS1, FFVIII, any Chiaki J. Konaka anime, The sprawl trilogy, Zeiram, YMO, Luna Sea, the Mad Max 2/Escape from NY/Waterworld holy trinity etc and so on!

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Anonymous said: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn dude. that cover brandon just posted is really impressive. your work is so great.

Hey thanks, kind Anon! I had lots of fun with that one. I miss drawing that dude.